Ass Worship

WTF is ass worship? Experts tell all

You’ve heard of anal, and you love a nice, juicy booty with some cake on the side. Now it's time to explore the many sides of ass worship. There’s a lot more to do with a good booty than just spank it – and if you’re curious, you may want to explore this hot take on flipping power dynamics between The Man and Pure Female Power.

Not just anal

Usually, ass worship doesn’t involve anal sex at all. You read that right. Instead, there’s something more nuanced at work here: ass worship is all about flipping the seat of pleasure (so to speak). Instead of a woman living in a man 's world, ass worship puts a man under the heel of female domination.

Anal sex doesn't usually align with that take on pleasure. Often, anal sex is a way for the person giving anal to get pleasure. Ass worship, on the other hand, is more about pleasing the person whose ass is receiving all that adoration.

It's different depending on what you like, but good ass worship may not even involve anal sex at all. That's because ass worship is a many-faceted kink, that begins with one pulse:

Dominance and submission

Ass worship is about power dynamics. Who doesn’t like, want, crave a dominant female or femme with a nice round booty bossing you around? Her sub (sometimes a man) has to ask for the right to worship her bare booty, and also may only get to look at it from afar. If the dom would like, they may also invite the sub to lick, nibble, rim, and kiss their juicy peach bottom.

Ultimately, what the sub can take is only what the dom says goes.

How do I go about it?

If you’re consenting and also getting off on what’s happening, there’s no wrong way to go about ass worship. That being said, there are a few standard rules of thumb and sexy things to try while you delve into this juicy world.

Check out the view

It can be enough for a dom to perch godlike on some pillows. While they’re lying on their side with their booty facing you, you can look and admire its roundness and softness. Ask if you can rub it, run your fingers over it, or maybe even give them an oil massage. When you do, release yourself into the pleasure of running your oiled hands up their butt and thighs, relishing each sensation – and remember to keep the focus on the one who’s being worshipped.


One of the most common and sexy aspects of ass worship is face smothering. There are a few different ways to get started. Goddess Aviva, a professional dominatrix and BDSM expert, weighed in on one of her favorite moves she calls “bury me alive.” In this one, the dom puts the sub on their knees, so their face is level with the dom's ass. Then, they back their ass into your face, burying you completely. Goddess Aviva equates it to “basically praying into your ass” and calls it “amazing.” 

But that’s not the only way you can enjoy that smothering action. You can also have your sub lie on their back, while you slowly lower onto their face and bury them in your luscious backside. When you do this, play safe! You don’t want to actually have them unable to breathe. To play wisely, establish a signal. Since you can't see their face, your partner can tap your leg three times if they can’t breathe, snap their fingers, or any other signal for you to read so you know to ease up off their face. 


Ask anyone who’s even slightly experimental in the sack and they’ll agree with porn star Asa Akira when she says “ass is the new pussy.” And when it comes to ass worship, there’s no better way to show your deep love and appreciation for that amazing booty than by giving them some attentive and languid anilingus. 

When it comes to rim jobs, salad tossing, or whatever you want to call it, you need to see it as an act of worship for it to be effective. Start slow and lavish attention on their whole backside as you go. Nibble the cheeks and lick the creases of their body. Listen to your beautiful dom’s cues and commands, and adjust as you go.

Is anal ass worship?

Ass worship is whatever you make it, and anal is a viable part of that play. Instead of going to pound town and losing yourself in how good it feels, however, flip the script in your head. When you perform anal in this space, it is still all about that booty getting adored. Enter inch by inch and relish the sensation. To make sure your partner is having an absolutely out-of-this-world time, make sure you use plenty of lube, and check in with their ultimate desires.

How do I start worshipping that ass?

It may feel embarrassing at first, but talk about t with your lover, if you have one. Tell them about how turned on you are by the thought of worshipping their ass, or of getting your ass worshipped. 

Be open to them saying no, or needing to process what ass worship means. If they’re curious, you can show them a video of ass worship or link them to an article like this one.

Flying solo? You have it even easier! To get the ball rolling, you can attend a play party, make a FetLife account, or hire your local dominatrix and immerse yourself in the world of ass worship by the weekend.

No matter if you’ve got zero partners or three, you’ll be buried in all that cake in no time. Into ass worship? Let us know what we forgot to mention!