Butt Plugs

Top 7 butt plugs (and how to use them)

Butt plugs. You know you’re at least curious about them. Nowadays, it’s more common than ever to give your booty some extra love. Prostate stimulation is seen as the latest way to reach sex nirvana. Even if you don’t have a prostate, butt plugs are a mind-blowing way to achieve that sweet double-penetration sensation. All over the world, men, women, and everyone in between already use plugs to play solo, deepen partnered pleasure, or spice up a naughty night on the town.

But when you get started in the world of booty love, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. Not everything makes a good buttplug. Be sure you're shopping exclusively for butt plugs as you browse online. Any sex toy going in the back door must have a flared base to keep it safely outside your body. And it's a must that manufacturers use a nonporous material like glass, metal, or silicone when making the butt plug itself. When you have good materials and a flared base, you can use your little secret over and over, indulging in the world of anal play with confidence all night long.
  2. Also, you may get turned on just browsing butt plugs, and are eager to try and use the biggest butt plug you can get your hands on straight away, but hold up. You need to work your way up to the big event. The anus needs time to train, and small butt plugs help your sphincter learn to take all the sweet pressure you are so thirsty for.

The thing about a butt plug that makes it so damn good is that it's one of those things you can use in myriad play scenarios. Versatile and naughty, it's delicious enough on its own, is a perfect preamble to anal sex, and even shines as a way to indulge in some absolutely scandalous public anal play. Thanks to that flared base, you can enjoy a butt plug while dancing on the town, your frisky rights reserved for the bedroom no more. The naughtiness of wearing butt plugs in public also just adds a whole other layer of appeal, and this naughty use is enough to make you squirm in your seat already.

But where to start? Don't worry, I've got you covered. No matter if you’re totally new to the bountiful world of plundering booties or an anal aficionado, these seven toys are suited to your every desire.

  • The best butt plug for beginners: Bootie

If you’re brand spankin’ new to the booty pleasure game, start small with this velvety smooth plug perfect for beginners with and without prostates. Before popping something up there without fanfare, make sure to get yourself nice and turned on first. Then, lube this toy up and ease it in. Slower is always better. With only 2.5 insertable inches, this bad boy’s solid base will help you introduce this new pleasure without taking too much at once. All silicone, this easy-to-clean miracle is only slightly larger than a finger – perfect for all you booty-curious babes out there.

  • The best butt plug weighted pleasure: Akstore Small Super Steel Fetish Plug

Another great beginner plug, this steel fetish plug may be small, but the heaviness of this chrome-plated puppy adds a whole other layer to your pleasure. Like the ad says, its weight doesn’t let you forget it’s inside you, making it ideal for foreplay out on the town, or for a feeling of extra fullness while you’re pounding (or getting pounded by) your partner. This one’s tip is more tapered than the first plug, making it even easier to insert slowly. As always, lube it up and take your time easing it in. Enjoy each delicious step. 

  • The butt plug that's also an art statement: Anal Seeds

For some of us, sex is more than an act: it’s a performance. If that sounds like you, then you need a plug that’s a work of art all on its own. There’s no better way to fill that need than Sacred Sadism’s line of Anal Seeds. Marrying form and function, these wooden plugs have (faux) succulent bases, so you can connect to your most natural self for an unforgettable. While a little pricier, these anal seeds are a statement piece so pretty you can leave it on your bedside when you’re done. And although wood may sound iffy, each seed is polished and sealed for a safe, natural, and easy-to-clean ride. 

  • The best glass butt plug: Lovehoney Full Bloom

Temperature play is one of the most underrated ways to get playful in the bedroom. Ice cubes, mints, hot wax, or heated massage oil, the sensations of heat and chill are perfect avenues of exploration in the sack. So why not take it to the next level with a glass plug? Perfect for heating in hot water or chilling in the freezer, this beautiful glass toy features a rosy base to make sure everything stays in place. With four deliciously smooth inches to insert, the Lovehoney Full Bloom is a step up from the beginner plugs.

  • The best vibrating butt plug: We-Vibe Ditto

In another life, I swear I’m a We-Vibe spokesperson. Seriously – everything this company touches is sexy, sexy gold - especially their vibrating anal plug, the Ditto. Instead of dedicating my life to selling We-Vibes, I’ll just settle for telling everyone now that once you buy a We-Vibe, get ready for the best sex of your life. Seriously. These sleek, silicone sex toys have ten different vibrating patterns, and the app-controlled (!) capabilities let you discreetly play long distance or in public with your lover. The Ditto is a classically-shaped vibrating plug, but if you’re looking for one with more direct prostate stimulation, don’t worry. We-Vibe has another remote-operated toy just for you: the Vector. With such deep sensations, prepare to have your mind blown tonight.

  • The best butt plug that gives a little bounce: B Balls by Fun Factory

If you want to rattle and hum without the complicated vibration patterns of going full We-Vibe, you may want to use Fun Factory's B Balls. With two balls inside it, each thrust from your partner elicits a deep rumble. And with 4.5” of insertable pleasure, this silicone gem is not a plug for total beginners. But whether you’re out dancing, walking, or otherwise rocking those hips, you’ll feel a little rumble that moves intuitively with you. For heart-racing fullness and pleasure in one, look no further. 

  • The best butt plugs for anal sex training: Anal Training Kit & Education Set from b-Vibe

Some folks are happy stopping at a small plug. Others, however, are working towards something bigger, like full on anal penetration, getting pegged with a dildo, or just enjoying an overwhelmingly full sensation in your ass while heightening your oral. Enter training kits like this one from b-Vibe. Sold at Spectrum Boutique, this product helps teach you how to take a lot with control in your compact body. With three different sizes of plugs to choose from, you can train yourself to take on maximum pleasure. This kit features a 3” toy for beginners, a medium vibrating toy that clocks in at 5.3” including the base, and a hefty, weighted large one for maximum fullness.

In addition, you get an anal enema kit (essential for any anal play where you plan on “going deep”), a lube applicator for those hard-to-reach places, a travel bag, and a nifty guide book on anal play (solo and partnered) that will revolutionize your bedroom game. A little pricey, but an excellent gift for the special someone in your life (including yourself!) who’s always been interested in booty lovin’.

No matter which of these butt plugs you buy, forget Amazon - each and every item can be found for a comparable price at a sex shop site that is designed for selling a diverse array of toys, including plugs. Butt plugs with a tail, butt plugs with a size so large you couldn't even fit it in your mouth, and even a butt plug connected to a cock ring. Small sex shops deserve your dollars, and each purchase helps real people keep giving you divine products - and if you're interested, fascinating content (plus some coupons) sent right to your email. Add a few to your cart and try out different kinds of butt plugs, or tack on a racy sex toy you've never dared to use.

Remember! No matter which plug you choose, lube is essential for anal sex, both with sex toys (like butt plugs or dildos) and with a partner's own penis. One of the best choices to use during loves butt play is Almost Naked from Good Clean Love - your butt will thank you for the way you treat it during anal. If your toy is silicone or you’re using condoms, make sure you avoid oil-based lubes at all costs.

And while anal toys are fun and exhilarating, they also call for communication - a lot of it. Be prepared to talk to your partner about your past experience (or lack thereof) with a butt plug, and encourage them to share their butt plug history with you as well. The more you both know about each other's relationship to booty lovin', the more clearly you'll both know how to move forward. Worried? Keep in mind that on top of being practical, sex talk is also just plain old hot.

Whatever butt plug you’ve been craving, one of these is bound to fulfill your fantasies this week. You may never see butt plugs talked about in a summer blockbuster rom-com, but once you get your own butt plug, you and your partners will be well on the way to a new kind of heaven that puts that kind of sanitized sex scene to shame.

Butt plugs may seem intimidating, but once you slide the first one in, it'll please you to the delicious end.