Chastity devices? Best ones to try

Well, well, well. My word. Looks like you’re lusting after a life of obedience and sexual poverty, ready to say the words of a chastity vow and to lock yourself into the boudoir’s naughtiest and most restricting secret: the chastity device. Chastity, meaning sexual surrender to your partner in a vow of sexual purity for them alone, is a delicious reminder of the state of the power they hold over you. Leaving you chaste while your partner dominates and cuckolds you is so tantalizing, it can rob you of your words and send a good submissive over the edge (whether our chastity-demanding master and mistress like it or not).

Look it up in the dictionary, and all you'll see about chastity is old English vows of a woman upholding her 'purity' til marriage. But we know that the true word chastity, the kind they don't teach you in the dictionary, offers a wicked thrill - and even richer release.

A life of chastity isn't for the fickle. It's a state of mind, one you need to be ready for. With a word from your master or mistress, you would bend over to be spanked by a dictionary, or blind and gag yourself, right? Your mistress knows best. And after all, you're in control of so much of daily life. Surrender to the fantasy, offer up your chastity, and relinquish all authority tonight.

The only question is which chastity device to pick? With so many options to choose from, finding the chastity cage that will best appease your English headmaster-style dom's sexual desires can be difficult. But with one of these five state-of-the-art chastity cages, the allure of sex will never have been such a painful and delicious tease.

A classic chastity cage: CB-3000 Pink Package

Ready to feast on the ultimate denial? Start with a quality cage that shows your master or mistress who’s in charge. This delightful toy vows to be adjustable for all sizes, so your keyholder will have no trouble making sure your fit is just right. Perfect for long-term use, this chastity cage is designed for you to keep it on as long as your keyholder decides – no need to remove it to use the bathroom, here. And because this piece is all plastic, you can go anywhere that calls for a metal detector without setting it off and having some uncomfortable explaining to do (unless that kind of humiliation is your thing).

Short-term play chastity cage: Fetish Fantasy Cock Cage

Have you been extra naughty? This fetish fantasy cock cage is designed to up the torture. Going beyond restriction, this one is perfect for maximum punishment, as well. With your master or mistress controlling your every move, they’ll get you rock hard – and in this chastity cage, it won’t be comfortable. With vertical cage bars curving to meet at your tip, don’t expect much maneuverability. While this cock cage is ideal for punishment and humiliation, it’s not recommended if you’re into long-term play: there’s no hole for doing nature’s duty. For short term torturing, this is one chastity cage that's perfect for exploring your most taboo desires.

Weighty chastity cage: Utimi Cock Cage

I’m always a big fan of something with extra heft to it, and this iron cock cage is so heavy, it won’t let you forget you’re wearing it – or who’s holding your key. The weighty iron of this chastity cage is a gleaming black and boasts three different sized rings to accommodate you best. Check out this reasonably priced cock cage and see why users have lavished a whopping 4.4 stars out of 5 on it (and read their intimate examples of obedience if you're looking for a micro-thrill). Take note: it’s hefty and noticeable, so be prepared to wear thicker pants if you don’t plan to give away your little chastity secret.

High-quality chastity cage: CB-6000 Male Chastity Device

The ultimate chastity cage for pure sexual poverty, this cage will help you transcend all English words, put the dick in dictionary, and start raving in tongues. Your master or mistress deserves to see what they’ve locked away, don’t they? Now they can. This chastity device is completely transparent, revealing all your examples of chaste devotion. Made of medical-grade polycarbonate material, this hypoallergenic device is lightweight enough to wear all day long, perfect for someone living an extended sexual life of chaste obsession.

This cage will keep you crying word after word for release as the keyholder marvels at your chastity - all for them. But quality doesn't come from poverty. Be prepared to fork over a pretty penny to get that denial you’ve been dying for.

Prince Albert-compatible chastity cage: PA-5000 Male Chastity Device

Would you state your case to live a full-time chaste life? Then the PA-5000 is just what you need. Prince Albert may have been English royalty, but you know it best as the name of your piercing (even if the dictionary doesn't agree). This state-of-the-art device is made for chastity-seekers like you, and the lock goes straight through the piercing. If your lover needs more than words, and wants a Dictionary-level example of your chastity, look no further. And don't let this name fool you - it's perfect for a cis man, but also a delicious addition to the new chastity fantasies of any trans* woman as well.

That said, be careful! Some users have reported nothing but pleasure after years of almost-constant use, while others have had the poor luck of their device breaking and pinching. Yikes.

Play it safe when using chastity cages

While shopping for a cage, always keep in mind what textures and materials can damage your sensitive skin. Long-term play means you would take care to invest in a quality piece. Vows of chastity only go so far if your words are bungled from the pain.

And those of you looking for extended use, take time to lubricate the head and tip first. Those sensitive spots can start to hurt (and not in a good way) if you’re locked up in a chastity cage for a stretch of several hours. To yield to the chastity life best, make sure your partner helps lay your member flat, smoothing out any wrinkles to prevent chafing in your chastity cage.

These five chastity cages come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles, but one thing’s for sure: even if you’re begging to be let out of your chastity cage, you’ll be grateful for the sweet pleasure of your chastity that you're offering up to the keyholder you worship – and there’s no better way to show your mistress different examples of your obedience than a top-notch chastity cage.

The definition we know for chastity may not be in the dictionary yet, but the chastity cage community knows that this is one definition we live by - dictionary or not.