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Curious about the world of cuckolding? While it may be some people’s worst nightmare to watch helpless as their partner has sex with someone else, for others, it’s the ultimate fantasy. The exchange of power, for some, is almost too hot to handle. If you’re the one doing the cuckolding, you feel almost invincible in your sexual prowess. And the one getting cuckolded? Your arousal lies in the surrender of powerlessness.

If you’re curious about being a cuckold, you may be wondering what’s gotten into you. But the truth is, this kind of relationship is as common as it is successful.

Cuckolding actually makes couples happier

Ask science. New studies have emerged with a fascinating find: couples who cuckold have overall more satisfying and happy marriages. Apparently, cuckolding helps them be honest about their fantasies. Because of this, they can communicate more thoroughly; when nothing is off limits, honesty and vulnerability reign supreme.

There's something in the power of surrender that men find irresistible. When their wife is being free and pleasured by a new lover, a husband who's a cuckold get a rush feeling used by their wife.

Cuckolding also allows married couples to enjoy themselves more openly and communicate about desires. This fantasy also awakens their animalistic sides and allows them to have more passionate sex with their spouse at the end of the day.

It gets better. According to this same study, carried out by none other than Dan Savage and two sex researchers, Dr. David Ley and Dr. Justin Lehmiller, the fantasy is more common than you think. In a survey of thousands of U.S. Americans, Lehmiller learned that a whopping 58% of men and roughly one third of women have fantasized about cuckolding in some way.

What does it mean to be a cuckold?

The word cuckold has been in the English dictionary since the days of Shakespeare - but now it means more than just a husband whose wife is unfaithful, and it sure as hell doesn't mean you're cuckoo. There is pleasure in he surrender, and at a single word, a husband finds himself free when his wife is kissing a new partner.

But just like everything in the world of sex, it unfolds slightly differently from couple to couple. However, there are a few common elements in most cuckold relationships. One common thread? Sometimes, watching is part of the fetish, so the husband gets to see the action unfold. Their wife may lose herself with another woman, or get pleasured by men that the cuckold feels he would never compete with out in the dating scene. Either way, he gets to take part in he fun.

Again, remember that the couples who engage in cuckold culture though don't feel used or dissatisfied. They both agree that this is one of the best ways in the known world to pleasure each other. It's not just the wife that gets off from it, either. Cuckolds love it too. A cuckold is generally so aroused by being used in this manner that, if asked, he would stop everything to make eggs in bed for his wife and her lover of the evening. There is a sense of being set free in this sweet erotic humiliation.

To get the party started, the wife – often called the “hotwife” – will go on a date with a partner. Usually, it's a man, referred to as a “bull.” If we play into stereotypes, time and again the bull is a man who's both ripped and endowed. Sometimes, the husband, or the “cuck,” can meet the man first and approve or disapprove of the date. Usually, however, the hotwife goes out with whoever she wants.

This is where things get spicy. After her date, she brings the new man home. She often has sex with him in her marriage bed, and her cuck either sits in the living room and waits...or watches as his hotwife gets her fill. Whether or not someone watches isn't just a decision made between husband and wife though. The cuckold getting to watch all hinges on the bull's consent. 

If the bull doesn't approve of that use of his talents, the cuckold isn’t invited at all, and the hotwife enjoys herself either at the bull’s house or in a hotel room, while the cuck twiddles his thumbs and waits in delicious agony.

Why is this so arousing?

It’s impossible to pinpoint a blanket reason for people getting so turned on by this. But for some, the appeal is related to a desire to be humiliated. Erotic humiliation is a relatively common kink where people get turned on by being shamed by someone, often about their performance or worth. 

This consensual act has the cuck stewing in that sexy shame, while the hotwife gets to have sweet orgasms from willing strangers. 

For other cucks, the arousal stems from how cuckolding rouses their wife’s inner sex tiger. The cuck loves when their hotwife goes out and has the time of her life, since she takes that sizzling eagerness back to her bedroom with the cuck later. And exploring this kind of desire is even more beneficial because it deepens your ability to voice even your most taboo desires.

How do I get started?

At first, broaching the topic with your lover can be terrifying. They may not understand what you’re asking for. But when you bring it up, start with an open and nonjudgmental mindset. Give them the space to think about cuckolding and learn about whatever they may want from it beforehand. You can watch cuckolding porn together or read erotica on it together to get started. 

Let your hotwife know you’d be turned on by seeing her sexual power in full force – and that there’s no better way to do this than see her get pleasured by someone else. If you’re nervous about getting the ball rolling, or aren’t sure how you’ll react when the fantasy becomes visceral, start with baby steps.There are a few different ways to approach opening your relationship to see how this cuckold lifestyle will feel.

Same room

This is a very gentle introduction into understanding what it feels like to see another person lust after your hotwife. In same room play, you and your spouse have sex in the same room as another couple, without having sex with them. Generally, it involves going on a date first and flirting, where you can watch your hotwife get hit on by another man. See how this feels before deciding to go further.

Soft swap

If same room sounds too tame for you, consider starting out with a soft swap, where you’ll watch your wife make out and get intimate with another man – but not have full sex. The boundaries here are whatever you make them. That could mean just making out, and then coming back to you for same room sex. But if you’re more adventurous, it could even mean oral. Whatever it is, communicate with your partner and the couple you’re playing with well beforehand, to make sure everyone stays satisfied.

Go online

A great way to get introduced to the cuckolding world is to find meetups where you can mingle with other cucks, bulls, and hotwives. FetLife. com is a wonderful site for finding cuckolding community. If you want to meet single men to be your bull, check Feeld, a nonmonogamous dating app teeming with willing singles. 

Go get ‘em!

Diving into the world of cuckolding is a fun and erotic next step in your relationship. Start with a conversation, and listen to your spouse’s concerns and reflections. Show them sexy video clips and erotica, so they know exactly what you’re dreaming of.

Are you a cuckold? Let us know how you got started below!