Best Dildos? 10 to check out in 2020

The OG pleasure tool, we've spent 30,000 years worshipping the joys of the dildo. And even in the second decade of the twenty-first century, our love for silicone dildos, anal dildos, glass dildos, double-sided dildos, and all the other products under the sun shows no signs of stopping.

If you're shopping for new sex toys and don't know where to start, here are some best sellers you have to check out in 2020.

  • The best versatile of dildos: Rippler Mini Silicone Dildo

Versatility is these dildos' middle name. Strap-on friendly, the Rippler is a product that is designed to be used however you please. The toys' swirling ridges are perfect for uncovering new sensations, and with a good price point, it's one of those products you’ll be happy you added to your arsenal: its tapered end makes it perfect for anal play, too. If you want to drive your partner (or yourself) really wild, enjoy the vibrating bullet that you can take in or out (or in, or out) for intense vibrations while you thrust. 

  • The best of the suction cup dildos: Realistic Pink Suction Cup Dildo

Sometimes you just want to attach a dildo to your shower wall and go to town with the hot water running down your body (or the detachable showerhead poised right over your clit). Each customer who buys one of these dildos has nothing but the best things to say about this toy, and it's easy to see how its features and price make it a top-rated toy on many a site across the web. Read a review or two for it on the shop Adam & Eve to see what makes this one of their best sellers.

  • The best of the art statement dildos: Taproot

I know what you're thinking: dildos and art? Sex toys and custom pieces? But hear me out. This one-of-a-kind piece comes from Sacred Sadism, a brand that focuses on our search for creative intimacy. They want you to cultivate the best experience possible in bed. Also doing double-duty as a flogger, it's easy to see why this is one of their best sellers. As you receive attention from your partner, each sensation will be new - will they flog you, or insert the whole length of the handle inside? The only way to find out is to wait in shivering anticipation. For privacy as you shop, skip making an account. Send them an email for more info about custom made dildos to order. They may cost a pretty penny, but for so much delicious beauty, the price is just right.

  • The best of the partnered dildos: 15” Double-Sided Dildo

If you and your partner both have vaginas, or if you’re a solo player eager for some double penetration fun, look no further than this ultra-flexible toy made of quality silicone material. One of those sex toys you and your partner will reach for again and again, you and your partner can both ride either side for an unforgettable experience. While 15” sounds huge, remember you’ll only be putting half inside at a time, so you’ll be playing with 7.5” of insertable length for you and your partner.

  • The best of the realistic dildos: 9” Ejaculating Dildo

People who want to feel the warmth of something like cum inside them, rejoice. This ejaculating dildo is one of those toys among the best sellers list for a reason. Go hands-free thanks to the suction cup, or use a strap-on with a partner to give them the full experience. With a solid four stars on Amazon, this toy has size, price, and sensation all in its corner. For best results, use warm (not hot!) coconut oil to simulate the real deal - complete with clean up.

  • The best of the girthy, wide dildos: Lonove XXL Dildo

If girth is what gets you off, look no further than the king of dildos, so huge it's like you can't even wrap your hand around it. With a tantalizing 9” diameter and 9.8” of length, you know you’re about to get rocked. Featuring medical-grade silicone and a suction cup base, you can pleasure yourself anywhere and in any way. Definitely not for beginners in the penetration game, you may want to work your way up to this one. Prepare to be deliciously sore after one incredible ride.

  • The best of the alternative dildos: Adam & Eve Twisted Love Glass Dildo

Glass toys like these are incredible, virtually shatterproof, and fun – and a double-ended glass dildo takes the cake. With a 9” twisted shaft, feel each twirling rib as it enters you, and you'll understand why this is one of Adam & Eve's best sellers. Enjoy the butt plug on the other side for a whole other ballpark of pleasure. Feeling experimental? Heat it up or stick it in the freezer for some oh-so-naughty temperature play.

  • The best of the boutique dildos: Crystal Yoni Wand

Looking to get connected to your spiritual self or eager to save the planet one dildo at a time? This is one of those dildos you need to check out. The crystal yoni wand of carved obsidian is a sex toy that'll have you crying out to your ancestors in the name of pleasure. With a modest 6”, this one has a tantalizing shape for top notch orgasms. Use it solo, with a partner, in the bath, or out in nature, and connect to your inner flower child under the full moon tonight.

  • The best of the strap-on dildos: Kingcock Strap-on Harness

Thirsty to service your partner? This is the sort of toy that lets you and your partner explore new heights in one complete package. Instead of having to buy a separate harness for play, this 8” dildo comes with one so you can act out your fantasies in one fell swoop. Gently curved for G-spot or P-spot stimulation, get thrusting so you can really knock your partner’s socks off. The dildo is detachable, so you can replace it with any other harness-friendly delight.

No matter what you’re seeking, these dildos all hit the sweet spot. Is there one we forgot to mention? Slide it into the comments below!