Complete guide to living as a nudist

Ever since you were a kid, you’ve been stripping down and running around the house. Your family used to laugh about it, and as you got older, you started feeling like it was time for you to cover it up. 

You were wrong. This is your life, baby, and you can do as many of your daily tasks as possible in the buff. Having a sweet birthday suit and feeling pressure to cover it up can be a real drag – but you’re an adult, and you deserve to honor your body and needs.

Being a nudist isn’t a sexual thing – it’s a lifestyle. And you deserve to embrace it in the privacy of your own home, where you can live, work, and cook (safely), in the nude from dusk til dawn. 

Always been curious? There are a few things you need to keep in mind as you test out this lifestyle.

First off, it's important to know the difference between a naturist and nudist

To outsiders who've never lived the life that nudists embrace, the words 'naturist' and 'nudist' may not seem that different. Both enjoy being naked, and in their view, everything is better when you're in the buff. You might add that people called nudists and naturists both face many social barriers to their lifestyle, as well.

All of this is true. Naturist practices and nudism do have a lot of overlap, and many are actually friends in similar circles who use the same birthday-suit-friendly spaces. But while first glance would tell you that both sets of people are the same, a closer view uncovers a few choice areas where they diverge from one another.

Most of the difference has to do with philosophical standpoints. What sets a naturist apart is that in their world, they shun clothing not only to feel absolute freedom, but for health and religious reasons as well.

Since this rationale still doesn't fly in public, naturists can resort to private choices around the home that speak to their true selves. A naturist is called a naturist because of the belief that their first form as a body sans clothing is the way that they were intended to walk the earth - and they choose to follow those beliefs to their last breath.

The Hungarian Naturist Association states an important distinction between a naturist and nudist, and it's perhaps best to let the naturists speak for themselves in making this vital distinction: a naturist...identifies himself as part of nature, accepts [the] gifts [of] sky and earth with true love and gratefulness, and is...for protecting, cherishing nature, and [to] make it more beautiful.

It's not just shedding clothing that is important. It is the need to craft a new social view where people are one, united with the wind, sky, earth, and trees. This spiritual aspect of nudity is what makes naturists one group that is distinctly different from nudists. To achieve their lifestyle in peace and further their connection to the planet, naturists often resort to communal living, and use secluded spaces for social gatherings.

When thinking of nudists and naturists, it's better to this of the two groups the same way you may well think of rectangles and squares: all squares are rectangles, but not every rectangle is a square. And while every naturist is also a nudist, not every nudist fosters the naturist mentality.

To be a happy nudist at home, there are a few things to keep in mind.

While you may just think you can strip down and suddenly dive into the nudist life, hold up. Know the ropes and keep these bits of wisdom in the back of your mind as you begin exploring this new way of living your life to the fullest.

Communication is a must

Nudist, naturist, or just exploring what it's like to live in the buff, plan for ample communication as you embrace this lifestyle. People have different opinions and levels of comfort when it comes to how to add nudity to their daily life. Clothing may be optional to you, but popular social graces and legal grounds come first. As you decide to live a life unclothed, communicate with the people who have to see your body every day also.

New changes to the household flow always call for a conversation first. Roommates, especially, deserve respect given to their boundaries and rights. Reserved people may not understand this new call of yours to live in the buff. Even if you struggle to understand it, remember that no matter how much you love living sans clothing, other members of your home might feel very differently. Your spouse deserves the same respect, too. Expect to talk to them about this calling of yours. When talking to them, mention that it's something important to you, and add that you hope they'll respect you exploring this part of your life.

A home thrives when you and all cohabitants are a united front working towards each other's happiness. This is where you can add new rules and also find a means to help you both feel content in the home, at least until you are in a position to move into a more nudist-friendly space. Maybe you work out a system or schedule that lets you be naked on certain days of the week, or maybe it would work better if you agreed that you could be naked in the living room before 6 in the evening, read naked, and drink your coffee naked, but mealtimes, evening, and cooking all call for an apron.

While you may be rip-roaring to dive fully into the nudist life now that you've uncovered this different way of thinking, and you never want clothing again, failing to talk about it can make your partners, roommates, or family members feel uncomfortable. You have authority and agency over your own nude body, but your partners have boundaries to honor, as well.

No need to start an argument about it. If this new-found way of living has gripped you, just start searching for new, nude-friendly housing available in your area.

Use an apron when you cook

Cooking in the nude. Isn't that what everyone pictures in the classic image of a nudist? Any age - from spry and just nineteen to wrinkled, free, and 72, the popular view prevails, where being naked while making a pie for your friends is one of the things you think of when someone says 'nudist.'

But ask any seasoned nudist who likes to cook with oil from time to time, and they'll tell you straight up: use an apron. In cooking, aprons are your best friend. Look closely at any new nudist's belly, and you'll see what I mean: small scars from grease splatters will be on full view. Not exactly what you were picturing in your romantic visual of nudisty in the home, was it?

Nudism is a joy, and putting your truest, nude self out on view for the world to see is fulfilling - but it's a lot more satisfying when you take the time to protect your body during sensitive activities. Feeling cheeky? Snag an apron with a picture of a naked body on it, so you can still be in the buff, even when only your buns are showing.

This same concern for safety carries into any other project you add to your list of hobbies, especially ones that call for closed-toe shoes. Wandering around your backyard, those bare feet feel like heaven. But if you work with wood or work with anything you might drop on your feet, clothes are a good tool to use for your own safety and longevity. The last thing you want is for your nudist pride to leave a nasty wound that you could have totally avoided. One smart decision at a time, you can enjoy a rich life of nudist friends and happy gatherings until well into old age.

If you can, work from home

Want to be naked all the time? Nowadays, that’s easier than ever. Working from home is the newest trend in our technological world – and it’s a perfect way to never get dressed again. You can write, code, edit, enter data, or be a personal assistant without ever stepping into slacks or out the door.

Working from home is a traveler's dream, and you'll be freed up to not only be comfortably naked as often as possible; you'll also have the means to be unclothed and your most free at all times. Many nudists thrive this way because their clothing choices are entirely their own, unencumbered by what other people are expecting them to do. Say 'au revoir' to your work shirts, 'ta ta' to your pencil skirts, and bid 'adieu' to uncomfortable dress shoes that only burden the freedom of those sweet tootsies. It's your time to shine, and in your own personal office (even if that office is the dining table), you're in charge of the dress code.

One good tip for work-from-home newbies: if you’re the kind of person who video chats, have a dress or button-up shirt nearby so you can throw it on when a call comes in. Otherwise, enjoy the ride. Pressing the warmth of a coffee cup to your bare chest as you read your latest emails sounds like its own slice of nudist heaven.

Privacy is your friend

You don’t have to up and move to the country (although that certainly helps). If you want to open your windows or step into your yard more often, it’s smart to live somewhere that offers you a sense of privacy. When you're in your own stretch of land, nudity is well within your rights, reserved for days with curtains drawn no more! You're suddenly free to live your life however you please.

But I should add that you don't need the countryside to soak in the view outside without a stitch on. City life can be a go for nudists of any age, although making like-minded friends or people in the same age range as you can be easier or harder depending on where you live. To experience nudism in a city, you don't need to just daydream about your past time at a nudist resort or the last trip to the beach.

Garden or gaze out the window without a lick of clothes on. If you’re an apartment dweller, make sure to live off the ground floor. That way, you can hang out with the windows wide open, without worrying about somebody peeping in your window too long.

If you love to garden and get outside, you may have a harder time getting the privacy you’d like in a city – but there are things you can do, like build a tall fence to keep nosy neighbors at bay, leaving you free to pick raspberries right off the bush while the breeze kisses your back.

Build nudist community

You don’t have to live your truth alone. Nudist colonies, beaches, and meetups are all around you. The nudist lifestyle is far from solitary. If you’re serious about being clothes-free 24/7, you can find others who share your vision of a naked future and form a nudist collective. Get started by finding Meetups, doing a Google search for your area, or even posting on Reddit. 

The world of nude beaches

With a bit of luck, you’ll find a nudist beach nearby. Go and enjoy the sun on your skin, the sand between your toes, and indulge in company with like-minded nudists under the open sky.

Looking for good nude beaches? Australia features quite a few choice public beach spots where nudists can go hang out with their friends. We're in a day and age where people are free to express themselves, including around new nude beach sites popping up left and right. When it comes to nudist beaches, Australia has several to choose from. For a family-friendly romp, try Sunnyside North Beach. Just north of Frankton, this beach is a dedicated nude area, and shouldn't be confused with Sunnyside Beach. Just park at the clothed entrance (wearing a robe, of course), and then head north to the designated nude area.

Want something a little more engaged and rowdy? In this social age, we're all looking to make new friends - and Maslin Beach in Adelaide, Australia, is one place to go exploring. This Australian beach is exceptionally popular thanks to the Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games. Formerly called the Nude Olympics, these nude games feature fun ways to add new friends to your life like the three-legged race. A riotous event, you're sure to go home with memories to last you an age and a half.

You don't have to resort to Australia for your kicks though. Find nude beaches spread around the globe. Nudist associations and groups add new ones to the mix all the time. Thailand is increasingly becoming an (unofficial) haven for playing on the beach in the buff with your friends, and you can also find naturist villages and a resort or two tucked away in nature.

In the United States, the age of nudity has started to speckle the shores on both coasts as well. Peep beaches to hang out nude at in New Jersey, Florida, Texas, California, Oregon, and Hawaii. Each spot offers something better and better, tailored to your own aesthetic or desires, from caves tucked into cliffs off the Pacific to a UFO-shaped object that was washed ashore at UFO Beach, Texas.

Whatever your preferences for warm water of the Atlantic or the chilly waves of the Oregon shore, the United States is likewise a good place to explore your nudie desires with friends or solo.

Nudist resorts are great for finding friends

The United States is a little bit more reserved than you'd think, for the way that they claim how sex sells. With most situations in day-to-day life, people are taught to add a few more layers, and you may think you need to think twice before stepping outside in that new top that you so want to wear without a bra. While you're allowed to do whatever you want tucked away from view, you can also meet hefty fines and penalties for being nude. Enter the world of the nudist resort, a place where friends of every age can gather and enjoy themselves in the buff, no worries in the world.

Find a resort perfect for your needs wherever you want to be, like the United States (if that's where you're from). These special resorts tend to be centered around bodies of water, and Florida is a popular place for folks of any age to strip down and get free. After all, the American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) works hard to ensure that innocent pleasure in our birthday suits is available wherever we can get it. Check their website at to find AANR-approved clubs and spaces to stretch out in your truest form. While nudists tend to skew older, you can find people to connect with of any age at family-friendly spaces, or in events geared toward younger people specifically.

But look beyond the United States for top-notch resorts for the like-minded peppered all around the globe. Thailand, Jamaica, Mexico, and most of Western Europe are all excellent places to explore your new life among the ranks of the unclothed.

Get familiar with Spain, Germany, and France

We all know that Europe has long scoffed at the United States' Puritanical views on nudity, but did you also know that many parts of Europe don't stop the fun at nude beaches and a nudist resort here and there? Instead, three countries in Europe especially stand out as leaders on the international view on how nudists ought to be treated.

For starters, no country offers better protections for nudists than Spain. The right to bare it all in public isn't limited to a resort or private beach; it's written into their very constitution as an inalienable right. In this day and age, Spain allows for nudity whenever and wherever. Still, I should add that Spain adheres to social norms. Although nudity anywhere is legal, you probably won't see someone stripped to the buff while checking out Gaudi's architecture on the streets of Barcelona.

Just a train ride away, Germany may not have the legal right to baring it all written into their constitution, but they have been notoriously one of the least shame-based cultures surrounding nudity for the past hundred years. In 1920, Germany established the first nude beach, allowing people of all sexes to free themselves. Although Nazi Germany stamped out the movement for queer inclusivity and radical body love, the nudists of the country persisted, and this free love of the body is back in full force. Even that same first beach is still accessible today, and Germany has gone and taken it a step further. The word for nudism is freikörperkultur, which translates to 'free body culture.' Often shortened to FKK, this word appears on signs around the country, designating all kinds of areas for folks of any age to strip on down. In Germany, you're not relegated to a secluded beach. Instead, anywhere with an 'FKK' sign is fair game. Try out the restored Roman-Irish baths at the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme Bathhouse, and strip to your birthday suit just like countless people have done for age after age before you on the same grounds, or hop to any local sauna for a relaxed experience sans clothes.

That same love of free body culture can even be seen in major parks around Germany, much to naturists' delight. Check out The English Garden in Munich, or the Tiergarten in Berlin, for a natural jaunt in the woods. Social groups and sports clubs in Germany take it a step further, with events abound and unfolding on a regular basis, no jerseys needed.

Sandwiched between Spain and Germany is one nation that stands proud, united with its neighbors in the belief that no nudist should resort to hiding from the public eye on some secluded beach, shrouded and shamed from public view: France. That's why there is a casual attitude towards nudity for every age, especially in the south of France. In this western European country, it's more than just Parisian romance that has people stripping down. To the southwest of Montpelier sits a coastal naturist village called Cap D'Agde that will enthrall even the most experienced nudists. Better known as Naked City, Cap D'Agde is by far the largest naturist space in the globe, this village thrives when everyone around is getting naked however they please. No pressure to be anything other than what they want to be, it is a special place where people can even be seen entering shops in the buff, and body positivity reigns supreme.

No matter how you explore this lifestyle, remember:

It's all about respect. Nudists and naturists want to be free to exist in their own bodies and are shedding judgment about what it means to live in the buff. You may immediately assume there is a sexual tension simmering under every interaction in a resort or village like this, but you'd be wrong. For naturists especially, the pull is toward bringing themselves closer to the earth and connecting with the nature around them.

While there is, without a doubt, sexual tension in certain scenarios when appropriate, nudism is actually largely a family-friendly lifestyle. Unless you're at an adults-only spot for nudists, you can basically guarantee there will be families, platonic groups of friends, or even sports teams who all gather together in the buff.

If you head to the shore to be a creep and scope out everyone's bare skin, prepare to be treated with the same disrespect you're throwing out. Nudism isn't about finding lovers, and most events are certainly not orgies to bring your bag of tricks to. Instead, it's about making community and fostering genuine connections with others, as authentically as possible.

Always be sure you're acting mindfully. When new to this kind of environment, it's natural to accidentally find your eyes wandering. Even if your heart is naked and free, you're new to the experience. Don't be hard on yourself. If you notice you're looking, just look away. The more you engage with this community, the easier it will be to not look twice in the long run.

Try it today!

Curious about being a nudist and don’t know how to get the ball rolling? You can always shed a few clothes right now and see how it feels. Start small. Try making coffee, reading a book, or just wandering from room to room in the nude. If it helps, keep a bathrobe on hand so you can put it on in a flash. 

Are you a seasoned nudist? What’s your biggest piece of advice for those just starting out?