Outdoor Sex

Best sites for outdoor sex videos - and how to make your own

Oh, the great outdoors. A place to get in touch with nature, with the grass and trees…and to acquaint yourself with your inner beast. Outdoor sex videos are a popular favorite, and there is practically no limit to outdoor lovin’ videos on major sites PornHub. But if you feel like you’ve seen it all, then you need some lesser-known porn sites to fill your cup. 

And if you really can’t find your fantasy video, maybe it’s time for you to make it yourself. Here's where to get started.

Find good videos

Eager to watch recommended videos with loads of views, that go beyond mainstream outdoor sex categories? These two sites have scintillating gems you haven't seen anywhere else.

No Fauxxx

Feeling a little nostalgic for years ago? Months ago? Way back when you were in high school. Those days, everything related to the indie scene was hot. Scene girls had outfits years ago that were laughable, but are the best for nostalgia views today. And if your first sex outdoors was back all those years ago when skinny jeans were in, Indie Porn Revolution has you covered.

Formerly known as No Fauxxx, this haven thrives with everything alt-related, including stars with unique looks that’ll bring you back to those fantasies you had many a year ago. For outdoor fun, catch their photosets and videos uploaded as recently as a few years ago, months ago, or days ago. Featuring all kinds of bodies and iterations of pleasure, there’s something to please everyone here. It may not be free, but porn this unique is worth the cost for one-of-a-kind views. And once you buy it, there'll be no ads, links, or spam to deal with after. Just outdoor porn, all for you.


Outdoor and queer? Where do I sign up? If only queer people had known this months ago - no, years ago - the Instagram TruckSlutsMag wouldn't need to work as hard as it does. The views that page has let you know that the market for categories related to outdoor queer folks is there. PINKLABEL.tv is a thrill with sizzling outdoor content of all categories. Years ago, we may have been stuck with only one kind of outdoor play, but not anymore. No matter who you’re attracted to, you’ll find something that has you aching in no time flat. It may not be free, but this porn with views upon views will keep you busy for days. With categories related to queerness and outdoor play left and right, you'll be wondering how you didn't discover this site months ago - or even years ago.

Okay, but how do I make my own videos?

Want to make your mark with stellar porn videos that get ample views? Be ready to put some effort in. Categories on mainstream free sites like PornHub and YouPorn have hundreds of thousands of videos of outdoor fun, including outdoor hike and outdoor quickie. Each of the videos has thousands of views, and the competition for top spot in outdoor play has been going on since forever ago. Outdoor pornos uploaded years ago are beside ones uploaded months ago, which are dwarfed by the videos uploaded just days ago. In this outdoor-porn saturated world, how can your outdoor play rise to the top? 

Start by looking at what works. As silly as it is, we all love some plot. We’re story-driven humans. This doesn’t mean you need to write an Oscar winner – just look at all the views the immortal Lemon-Stealing Whore has. It was written many a year ago, but is still a classic example of porn related to the outdoor categories.

Choose an angle

Plot is just the beginning. If the sex doesn’t zing, you’ll lose views fast. Gone are the days when you could put out anything to get tons of views; that was years ago. Now, it's not enough to plan for outdoor sex. Bringing a camera to an idyllic spot does not a porno make - at least not ones with many views.

What can you offer that’s unique? What are fresh moves , kinks, and fantasies to act out in outdoor-related play? Experimental gets those free views and clicks. Check what was offered years ago, months ago, and even a few days ago. What has the most views?

Take that idea and heighten it. Go further. For outdoor-related fun, try bondage against a tree, trace your partner’s thighs with a leaf, or dress as deer and have at it. Creativity is what gets you views for years to come.

Location, location, location

Years ago, outdoor porn could unfold in a subpar backyard and get tons of views. These days, you need to make sure everything related to your shots shines. A good outdoor view from your yard can totally work, so long as it's pretty and interactive. Be able to spread out and move around for killer views on video. Everything related to your shots/views must shine, so no barbecue you got months ago (or years ago) that was left to rust in the yard. In outdoor fun, detail is everything.

But in outdoor romps, it's not just finding a nice spot that's important - find an outdoor spot that’s secluded too. Years ago, you may have gotten away with sex in a field, but these days, you can't be too careful. For the best outdoor experience, choose somewhere you're confident is safe (like the lake you went to forever ago), so you can focus less on keeping watch, and more on the outdoor journey.

Shoot (for) the stars

If you’re shooting your own porno, aim high, be unique, and offer a great view that is unlike all the other porn you’ve watched before. Not sure you’re bold enough to make a film? That’s alright. Just watch another video – and another – to get more inspiration. Soon enough, you'll be in the directors' chair for a romp to remember.