Public Sex

11 best spots for public sex

Okay, it might be totally illegal, but laws be damned! Public sex is one of the hottest ways to explore that exhibitionist streak. When being bad feels so good, many of us are willing to risk our deviant necks to do the deed in our favorite places. 

I know that I, for one, love a good romp in the wild. And despite all the shame we’re supposed to feel for getting sexy, there’s nothing wrong with answering our urges whenever they arise. Humans are animals, plain and simple, and getting frisky with a lover (or two) is arguably just honoring our animal roots. 

But that doesn’t mean we should limit ourselves to the bathroom in a club – not only has that been done a million times before, but most public restrooms are just plain nasty. Nobody wants to get on their knees in conditions like that. So where else can we go to get our thrills?

1. At the park

A classic space to explore your love for the great outdoors, parks are a perfect place to get it on. They connect you to nature for a romp to remember. If you're nervous about how many people may be around, opt for a larger spot, or a national park. National parks are perfect testing grounds for your exhibitionist streak. It’s sprawling, safe, and generally offers multiple trails, so you can worry less about getting caught, and more about what part of the trail would be the best place to make your nest for some sex in public.

If national parks aren't an option, you may like to also head to your local park at night. This brand of public sex is private, but also leaves you feeling exposed for the world to see. Going at night means you'll be secluded in places where someone may otherwise see you. Make sure nobody is around, then bring a blanket and crawl onto the hood of your car to have sex under the stars. You may just find the milky way (in more ways than one).

2. Inside a redwood tree. 

Trust me when I say that this is the most beautiful place to have sex of all time. It’s possible, and it’s amazing. Redwoods are so large you can drive a tree through them, so why can’t you just plow your lover in them, too? To do this, steer clear of The Muir Woods or another overly-populated redwood park. Instead, head off the beaten path and explore a smaller redwoods park. Most of the time, these bad boys get hollow on the inside, making them the perfect place for you and your partner to explore each other in peace.

3. In your car...during the day

We all have had car sex. Teenage years weren’t exactly the best for having a private romp. But have you enjoyed the thrill of car sex in broad daylight? If you have tinted windows, all you need to do is put that sunblocker in the windshield, climb into the backseat, and watch unwitting passerby lug groceries to and fro while you and your partner do your best to keep quiet. Bonus points if you’re in a van – then the back seat is big enough for an impromptu threesome.

4. Beneath a bridge

This is another classic, but one that offers some infinite versatility. Pick a secluded bridge in a country road off the freeway, or beneath an overpass during a rainstorm so heavy that all the other cars have pulled over. Or find an old footbridge tucked away in a park, and have a great time.

5. In a building under construction

Sometimes I think construction workers just leave horny people the gift of their incomplete project on purpose. If you’re already adventurous, exploring a building that’s under construction already has you feeling a little naughty. So why not take it to the next level? Put on that construction hat that’s been left behind the day, get on your knees, and pull the night shift.

6. On a dock

The sound of frogs, the stars overhead, and a can of white wine at your elbow. Can you think of a more idyllic place for someone to go down on you? I didn’t think so. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try this during the day.

7. An alley behind a bar or restaurant

Sometimes the need just calls to you, and there’s no holding back. That’s okay. You and your main squeeze can take a stroll to find a secluded alley where people won’t be coming by...that much. Then, go to town while keeping as many of your clothes on as possible. Sex isn’t fun if you aren’t about to get caught, amirite?

8. In a photobooth

Although this seems so risky it borders on too risky, sex in a photobooth can give people the ultimate rush. Double the fun and snap pictures as you get creative with your favorite positions. Just be careful that your photos aren’t displayed for the world to see on a big old screen outside.

9. At the beach

The sound of the waves, the sand...everywhere...the beach is a romantic spot for a liaison no matter how old you are or how long you and your partner have been together. Bring a blanket and play on the shore, or get into the water to have some fun. Buzzkill note: if you’ve got a vagina, you may want to lay off penetration in the water, but you and your girlfriend can always rub each other into clitoral oblivion in the waves while nobody else is watching.

10. Study room at the library

Think the naughty librarian fantasy come to life. For this naughty number, rent out the study room for the hour, then conveniently shift the whiteboard so no one can see in. You just have to keep yourself hush hush if you don’t want to get caught. It is a library, after all.

11. In the backseat of a car...while someone else is driving

This is so hot, and so naughty, you may be too timid to try it. You can talk to the driver beforehand so you can get it on without hesitating. Or, if you’re really naughty, subtly touch and pleasure your lover in the backseat – they’ll have to do their best to play it cool. Don’t get caught, or else you can land yourself in a bit of legal hot water. Which leads me to the most important point of all:

Play safe!

No article on public sex is complete without a final caveat: you must always, always be safe when choosing a place to have sex in public. You're breaking the law by having sex in a public place, and getting caught won't just be embarrassing; it can land you on the sexual offender list for the rest of your life.

I think I'll pass.

When you're on the sex offenders registry, police have you on a list, and your name pops up on search sites forever, compromising every aspect of your future. Fantasies may be grand, but anyone could find a couple or person getting it on, and since others aren't consenting to the view, you can cause more than offense: you can get slapped with a public lewdness fine or end up in court.

Skip that step. Explore sex in public, but as you do, be as smart as possible. Scope the area, make sure there are no nosy men with cellphones wandering around, double-check your parking is paid for, and avoid places too common to act on your urges at. The sex offenders registration is the last place you want your night of sex in public to end.

Don't let the risks stop you!

Life is what you make it, and if you're determined to have sex in public, you can take part in these delicious acts while also staying smart. Public sex is something that many people actually enjoy on a regular basis, whether in their hotel with the windows wide open, or even on the side of the state highway.

Often, the media and internet try to scare people away from exploring public sex, but if you're smart, who says you need to ignore your fantasies? I like to think that common sense will carry your case far, and there are things in your power to make public sex safer for you and your partner. For starters, don't remove clothes, if at all possible. Move panties to the side, unzip pants but keep them up, and hold anything you have to remove in your hand. If someone does come, all you have to do is step away from one another, and your public decency will be (relatively) intact. Avoid any public sex near playgrounds, and also in any proximity to schools. For good reason, public sex in these areas (even at night or during summer vacation) can land people in worlds of trouble like they never imagined.

So if you start feeling hot and heavy while passing a playground at midnight, keep walking - you can do your part to play smart, and enjoy public sex in the alley just up the road. Still public, still sex - but no risk of giving people the wrong idea about your intentions.

With a clear head and willpower, you can have all the public sex your libido has been crying out for.

Where will you enjoy sex in public next?

There's no bigger thrill than choosing a public spot to have sex. Those high stakes are enough to drive even the most seasoned exhibitionist wild. While there are risks when you play so close under the public spotlight, by keeping an eye out for passerby, you'll soon cultivate your very own list of wild places you’ve gotten it on in public time and time again.