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Looking for the best sex toys for couples? Try this brand

Nothing ruins a spectacular sex night quite like totally disappointing new sex toys can. Some break too soon. Others have weak motors, or may be a sex toy that works great, but sounds like the neighbor’s lawnmower. On top of all that, some sex toys even seem to have been designed by aliens who couldn't find the clitoris or prostate to save their lives. 

Some of the problem is that we are all searching for sex toys that move with us, that know our bodies, that can get us, get our bodies, and know what's best for our own scintillating use, solo or partnered. The problem? Too many sex toys are just stuck in the past. It shouldn't be that way. When you're playing with a toy, sex gets so much sweeter. The right vibrator can help even the most finicky bod find new heights of euphoria.

So one of my big questions is this, why does our sexual experience fall to the wayside when it comes to incorporating big tech? Too long, we've been left to play in the dark, and scour some dingy old sex toys site that looks like it hasn't been updated since 2004. We've gotten used to scrambling for products that only half do the job, shipping that takes forever. While we wait for it to be delivered, we're stuck wondering if we're even getting something that's right for our bodies.

Not anymore.

There's one top company selling sex toys that help us bring our pleasure into the modern age. We’re two decades into the twenty-first century, and tech has crept into every single corner of our lives, from our beauty routines to our music scene. So why are we still overlooking the potential of modern machines in the bedroom? There’s no denying that a quality sex toy engorges your relationship with yourself and your lovers – so don’t hold back. For the best tech in the sack, there’s no better place to turn than one special company, whose top, cutting edge designs will leave you rippling in ecstasy again and again. That company is none other than We-Vibe.

We-Vibe started out with one man on a mission: to make silicone, couple-compatible devices that were designed specifically to help partnered pleasure thrive. We-Vibe didn’t want a toy that would fall apart before you’d gotten your fill, and now, they’re built to last. This classic design is now the vibrator of choice for over two million people worldwide looking for the time of their lives.

Over the last decade, We-Vibe has evolved beyond that first vibrator for two. With the belief that everyone deserves mind-blowing sex, they are now the proud creators of high caliber sex toys designed to help satisfy everyone, including solo players and folks who aren’t in heterosexual relationships. 

Okay, but does Bluetooth actually help in the bedroom?

In addition to top-quality vibration patterns and intuitive designs, We-Vibe does something not many other companies have dared to: they brought pleasure into the digital age. They get that you aren't always in the same city or country as your partner. Face-to-face contact isn't always possible, and long distance reigns supreme. That's why their sex toys are designed to help couples enjoy their best sexual selves no matter how far apart they are. With their special and discreet app, you can sync up your toy and let your partner help you orgasm in Oklahoma while sitting at their desk in Portugal.

Not just for long distance, this feature can also help make a night out dancing a whole lot sexier. Most of their toys are app-compatible, meaning all you need is wi-fi signal to start playing. Your partner can top you in public while the world is watching - and nobody would suspect a thing. The app makes it discreet, so onlookers may think you’re just checking your phone – when really, you’re gearing up for a public big O.

Their top sex toys

We-Vibe believes in quality over quantity. That’s why they’ve been around for over a decade, yet sell a relatively small collection of devices. These toys are designed to last, so you can enhance your bedroom game for years to come.

  • Sync

Forget saving the best for last: this absolute gem deserves to go first. An updated version of their original toy, this app-compatible delight stimulates the g-spot and clitoris at the same time, while leaving plenty of room for a partner to slide in, so both parties can enjoy the rumbling until dawn – if they can last that long. With two pivot points for max customization, the We-Vibe sync is suited for all body types and can be used creatively as a wearable or to up your oral game.

  • Verge

With over ten pattern and speed settings, this ring delightfully teases your perineum while playing solo or with your partner – and they can enjoy the little perk of your extra rumbles, to boot. With high grade materials that are comfortable no matter your body needs and girth, you’ll delight in the feeling of that firm grip and delicious perineum stimulation so good that your big O will leave you quaking in your boots.

  • Pivot

Another ring for the books, this toy’s vibrations come from the top to offer a different kind of pleasure: clitoral stimulation. If you’ve been dying for free hands to pin your partner down or enjoy other parts of their body, but know that they need some clitoral action to see stars, then the Pivot is just what the doctor ordered. The supple feel of this toy and its multiple settings will have you dizzy with pleasure before you know what happened.

  • Vector

Beautifully curved to bring you prostate pleasure you never experienced quite like this, the Vector is designed with that sweet P-Spot in mind. Delightfully app-linked, you can tease your partner (or hey, yourself) out in public, or let your long-distance lover hum and buzz and tease you like no other. This interactive toy is creatively shaped to hit you in all the right spaces.

  • Moxie

You want more naughtiness in public? The Moxie is your new best friend. This vibrator uses a magnet to attach firmly to any pair of panties. It rests right over the clitoris, so you can let the waves of pleasure begin while you’re out dancing, getting cocktails, or at dinner – or if you’re real naughty, even in the workplace. This app-happy gem is excellent for solo deviance or partnered foreplay on the streets, so get ready to have your world rocked no matter where you are. Feeling extra kinky? Wear it out on the town without your friends knowing, and have our your beau work the controls, getting you off in secret. That way, you’ll be extra-ready to tear their clothes off when you get home.

  • Melt

The latest mind-blowing technology in clitoral pleasure, the Melt promises to do exactly what its name suggests: to melt you into a puddle and change the way you cum forever. With airsucking technology, it’s all in your hands to pleasure yourself or your partner in a way that users report changing the way they orgasm for life. 

This is only a tantalizing handful of the unique, intentionally designed, and high quality toys We-Vibe has to offer. Whichever one you choose, be warned: these toys may just be so good you’ll have to cancel all your plans this week. And the weekend after that. 

Where do I find them?

There are several wonderful websites to snag all the best We-Vibe sex toys, but not all shops are best for your sex toys needs. Some of the best sex toys' shops deserve a good spot in the limelight. Adult, sexual toys aren't something to be ashamed of. It's time we were proud of our sexuality, of how we use our bodies and use our money to enrich our lives - and the best way to live that truth is to buy toys from sex-positive shops that give you what you deserve.

www.SpectrumBoutique. com

SpectrumBoutique. Com is bae. Run by Zoe Ligon, this site is all about giving you what you want, and letting you shop top products that make you feel like a brand new person. Ligon isn't ashamed of sex and sex toys - and loves to share her positive attitude with you. Her ssex toys are the best, and she offers a diverse array of deals at select price points for everyone's needs.

All things are on limits, so get used to being pleasantly surprised every time you head over to their site. Check SpectrumBoutique. Com for all the sex toys you can get your hands on, and know you're also supporting a top ethical business at the same time. Looking for We-Vibe prostate toys? Find them at https://spectrumboutique. com/sex-toys/butt-toys-anal-sex-toys/prostate-massagers-g-spot, and find their toys specific for couples at https://spectrumboutique. com/lists-toys/sex-toys-couples.

www.FeelMore510. com

Looking to support more progressive businesses in this new decade? Welcome to FeelMore510. com, a site that combines everything ~sextoys~ with the best education about new attitudes towards sex. They have one big goal: to help you have your best sexual experience while understanding the liberation that comes with quality intimacy. FeelMore510. com is the sort of brick and mortar store you expect to only browse in for five minutes, yet somehow spend an hour wandering through. With a carefully curated blend of top sex toys, erotica, and beautiful artistic products that help you express your most sexual self, this shop is an Oakland treasure. Their site FeelMore510. com is always uploading new blog posts and new toys to help you make a good night great. And they may be a local business, but they do shipping anywhere, so peep their sex toys around the world ad know you're supporting the best in town.

Nenna, who owns the shop, truly wants to help you have an incredible sexual experience (and a safe one as well) - and brings diversity and inclusion into the ripe world of sex and sex toys. Peep their vibrators, including We-Vibe toys, at https://feelmore510. com/collections/vibes.

www.xxxIndulgenceBoutique. com/

Based in Philadelphia, this exciting new sex shop is one of the best kept secrets of the web. They want to help you get it on - and they're here to make sure you can top your partner just right. With a diverse breadth of products, this site knows what sex toys you really need to use for an unforgettable ride. What's great about IndulgenceBoutique is that they not only sell We-Vibe sex toys to Philadelphia customers - they ship top quality products like We-Vibe all over the country. Looking for some shoes or handcuffs to complement the vibe? xxxIndulgenceBoutique. com is here to help you experience the best sex of your life. Browse their vibes and support a small biz if you want, and pop on over to https://www.xxxindulgenceboutique. com/vibrators.

vforvadge. com

Looking for another local experience that's going to take you over the edge with top-notch sex toys? Try VforVadge. Com. Committed to giving you the best ride possible, VforVadge. Com wants local sex toys to thrive - and knows how to give you something you want. Plus, when you buy from a site like VforVadge. Com, you're taking a step to help local businesses, instead of throwing even more money at some behemoth like adameve. com (or worse, Amazon. com). Stick with the best for sex toys. Stick with local. Peep their sex toys selection by heading to http://vforvadge. com/shop/

Of course, there's one place to buy We-Vibe sex toys that I haven't even mentioned yet; We-Vibe. com. At their site, they'll help you figure out which of their thrilling sex toys are right for you. It's not often that you find a toy company that can top the list above all others, but there's something at We-Vibe for everyone to love.

Got a favorite toy from them? Let us know your top pick in the comments!