Best vibrators? 7 to try in 2020

We use technology in every aspect of our waking life: to get directions, to order groceries quickly, to heat our water, even to land a hot date. So why is it that technology in our sex toys is still so behind in some bedrooms? Too many of us still limit our knowledge of vibrators to that one Sex and the City episode where Charlotte gets addicted to her rabbit vibrator - but times have changed. We have the best options at our fingertips, with new tech coming out every day, and we owe it to ourselves to bring our bedroom into the future.

Nowadays, there are many types of vibrators to choose from. The time has come for you to get on board and bring your sex habits into the twenty-first century. In 2020, every bedroom should get ready to know the ultimate pleasure all parties receive when the rattle and hum of a vibrator joins in. So no matter where you stand in your knowledge of vibrators now, prepare for a sexy education with hands-on learning. Try one of these seven sex toys for a night so good, you may have to cancel all your plans for the next week - or two.

The best OG vibrator: Big Boss G5 Massager

If you're new to the game, you can't go wrong with a little traditional vibing. The Big Boss G5 Vibrator has stellar reviews and is a straightforward pleasure seeker ideal for anyone with a hole to fill (translation: everyone has a hole to fill, so that includes you). Submersible and girthy, this boss features six vibration patterns and six intensities, meaning thirty-six ways to get off are packed into one incredible device. With so many options, you’re bound to find the setting that’s best for your bod. And thanks to its ergonomic handle, you’ll have an easier time sliding it in and out of you or your partner all night long.

The best vibrator for the planet: Gaia Biodegradable Vibrator

Out of all the vibrators out there, this one does the most unique double duty. Saving your sex drive, the planet, and your wallet in one fell swoop, it may sound too good to be true – but this dream is for real. Sex toys are some of the least environmentally-friendly products out there - just think of the jelly rabbit vibrator. Where does all the plastic go when its best days are behind us? Straight to the dump.

When it comes to vibrators, people who want to do the planet a solid have generally had to suck it up - but not anymore. Now our sexual desires can also go hand in hand with the sort of clean living you strive to achieve. Best of all, you don't need to break the bank to get there. For only $15, you can invest in this eco-friendly vibrator that boasts multi-speed functions, so no matter how sensitive you are (or how rough you like it), you’ll be coming back for more. Made with Mother Nature in mind, let each climax remind you that you’re doing it for the planet. And when you're done, you can disassemble it, compost the shell, and send back the old rumbler to invest in a brand new one.

The best vibrator for DP: Wallbangers Double Penetrator Vibrator

Sometimes a single head just doesn’t do the trick. You need to be filled to the brim, you need vibrators in the front and back – in short, you need to lose your dang mind in the best and naughtiest way. This Wallbangers Double Penetrator Vibrator has you covered. With a strong suction cup to let you go to town just about anywhere with a firm surface, these dual vibrators will slide in and out anally and vaginally for as long as you can take all the delicious vibrating fun.

Since the vibrating anal dildo is on the smaller side, this is one of the best picks for those of you new to mixing vibrators with booty play. For a great time solo and with a partner, these vibrators can give you one of the most intense experiences of your life. So buckle up and take yourself to the stars and back...and do it all over again.

The best sex toy for using your hands: VeDO Yumi Finger Vibe

Now it's time for something completely different. All these previous vibrators were a whole new appendage - but what if you could add a little vibration to the best parts of digital pleasure? VeDO made that dream a reality with the Yumi Finger Vibe. When nestled comfortably between your index and middle finger, you can stimulate yourself and your partners til dawn. Specifically designed for your best clitoral stimulation, there's a curved nib at the tip that buzzes you to your core. But that's not all it's good for - what's best about the Yumi Finger Vibe is its versatility. Give the best handjobs of your life, up your blowjob game, buzz that clit until your partner forgets their own name, or give a rumbling rim job for the ages. A one-of-a-kind toy, this bad boy may have its rights reserved, but it's one of those vibrators that is so unique, your partners will be talking about how you gave them the best ride of their sexual career in no time.

The best of the bullet vibrators: Vesper 

Size isn't everything. Sometimes, small is best - and it's time to wear it loud and proud. Literally. It’s 2020, baby, and this is the decade where we all embrace our best sexual selves. For some of us, that means it's time to buy a mini bullet vibrator that doubles as a fashion statement. Vesper is the only line of wearable vibrators out there. Like a mini magic wand, this little bullet is exclusively made for external stimulation, and ideal for both clitoral delights and enticing nipple torture on the go. If you’re a jetsetting honey with a high sex drive and a killer wardrobe, this is the right pick for you. Sexual pride is part of an empowered new you - and you may have just found your (sexy) new best friend to hype you up.

The best for partnered sex: We-Vibe Sync

While most vibrators are bought for masturbation, sometimes vibrators (even rabbit vibrators) are used to enhance sexual experiences with your partner - and this incredible clitoral stimulator is one of them. To be honest, if I could make this entire list just about the toys that the brand We-Vibe sells, I would. Everything they make is amazing, inclusive, and top quality.

They take pains to make sure every vibrator in their repertoire is the best it can be, and their Sync is the creme de la creme. With flexible heads that help you tilt each of the two motors to the exact angle your G spot and clitoris need, it's clear this was a toy designed for the best vaginal experience possible. Vibrations hum around and inside you while your partner thrusts, until you both feel like you're made of the vibrations themselves. Thanks to so many different pulses and intensities, the Sync is nothing short of amazing. Best of all, it’s a wearable toy, too. Not only is it remote control operated, but it is app compatible as well, meaning your partner can discreetly drive you wild – even if you’re a world apart. 

When you run out of juice, this rechargeable silicone gem nestles in its charging port in a pretty, futuristic shape, making it one of the best and most discreet additions to your nightstand.

Of every vibrator, this is the best of the best: Satisfyer Pro Penguin 

The reviews on this vibrator have me shook. In all my years researching sex toys, I've genuinely never seen reviews that sing the praises of a sex toy quite like this. This Satisfyer comes dressed innocently enough like a penguin in a tux (complete with sweet bow tie), but once that air-suction cup covers the clit, people start squirting and orgasming after only thirty seconds. This has to be one of the best vibrators on the market for its remarkable ability to simulate oral - more intense than anything a woman might ever feel from any other sexual experience. If you need a quickie, multiple orgasms, or want to be able to get off in a minute or less while out and about, this Satisfyer is your new favorite household appliance. Many women even joked about the only con being that their partner will never compete with this toy’s abilities. Men, be warned.

When you have a vulva, you can't be sexual without clitoral stimulation, and the Satisfyer Pro is one vibrator that got that memo. As a clitoral vibrator, it is relentless in the pleasure it gives, and you can use it alone on one very particular body part for a unique, earth-shattering sensation ASAP. Move over, rabbit vibrator. There's a new sheriff in town for the heart of pleasure - and it's all about this Satisfyer Pro vibrator. Put a little lube on the tip of the vibrator and your clit, then keep the orgasms coming all night long. The best night of your life might just be one you spent alone.

Sex toys let the female orgasm ring out loud and clear - and vibrators are one of the best paths to everyone's sexual enlightenment. These seven vibrators should have you whipping out your credit card information now to let the fun begin at your favorite online sex store. With high reviews and designed for just about everyone, these seven are sure to please even the pickiest of would-be vibrator owners. After enjoying a wild night of passion where you really hit the spot, you may forget how to spell. But your new vibrater, vibraters, vibrators will show you a whole new way to play to give you the best sexual awakening of your life. I don't know about you, but spelling is a small price to pay to set myself free until early morning light.